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Distributed Generation

Distributed generation (DG) systems under 20 kW, such as wind turbines and solar electric arrays, can be interconnected and net metered under Jackson Electric Cooperative's DG program. DG systems larger than 20 kW nameplate rating/output, but under 40 kW may be interconnected, but will not qualify for net metering and the entire electrical production will be purchased by Jackson Electric Cooperative at the Dairyland Power Cooperative's avoided cost rate. Those DG systems larger than 40 kW nameplate/output are required to enter into a purchase power agreement with our wholesale power supplier, Dairyland Power, and will not qualify for net metering from Jackson Electric Cooperative.

For more information on interconnection guidelines, eligibility, fees, etc., please refer to Jackson Electric Cooperative's Policy 305 - Interconnected Distributed Generation (DG). Contact Jackson Electric Cooperative to request a Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement for systems 20 kW or less and a Distributed Generation Application Form for systems 20 kW or less.

No incentives are available for DG systems interconnected with Jackson Electric Cooperative's distribution system.

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