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Dual Fuel Program

Members of Jackson Electric Cooperative can receive a special off-peak electric rate for electric heating and cooling systems that are wired for peak load control under the dual fuel program. Under this program, the electric heating and cooling system is metered separately (dual meters) and is switched off during peak demand periods via a load management receiver installed by a Jackson Electric Cooperative technician. Members of Jackson Electric can now be notified of a peak load control. Please complete the Load Control Notification Enrollment form and send it to our office. Forms are also available at our office.


dual fuel meter socket with load management receiver


What is a Dual Fuel System?
The dual fuel system is any configuration of at least four (4) kW of electric heat that is installed in combination with an automatic, non-electric backup source of heat. When a peak control period occurs during the winter, the electric heat is switched off and the non-electric backup heating system is activated to provide heat during the control period. During the summer months, the cooling system is cycled on and off every 15 minutes during a peak control period. The installation or use of any uncontrolled electric heat, such as a portable electric space heater that may operate during peak control periods, is not permitted on either meter under this program.


What is Permissible on the Dual Fuel Meter?
Most hard-wired electric heating and cooling systems and domestic hot water systems are permitted on the dual fuel meter. Items that are plugged into outlets are not allowed on the program. Loads such as dryers, stoves, hot tubs, plug-in air conditioners, and other non-controlled loads are also not allowed on the dual fuel program. Beginning in 2018, newly installed geothermal heat pumps are not permitted on the dual fuel meter. Well pumps used for open-loop geothermal heat pumps are allowed on the dual fuel program if the well will see limited use during load control periods.


Control Periods
Dual fuel peak control periods usually occur on the coldest and hottest days of the year. Winter control periods usually start about 5:00 p.m. and end about 11:00 p.m. If the following mornings are severely cold, peak load control may also occur at that time. Summer control periods usually start about 1:00 p.m. and ends about 5:00 p.m. Cooling loads are cycled on and off every 15 minutes during the summer peak load control.


Wiring Requirements
Please contact Jackson Electric Cooperative to purchase a dual fuel meter socket.
Control Wires and Diagram
Dual Fuel Requirements


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