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Electric Thermal Storage

Warm your whole house or an individual room with ETS.

ETS technology is designed to store heat during off-peak hours for heating 24 hours a day and utilize Jackson Electric Cooperative's dual fuel rate.

Room-sized ETS storage units are an ideal option for homes without a central duct system. They consist of specially designed bricks stored inside a cabinet. Electricity heats the bricks during off-peak hours when electric rates are lowest. When the thermostat calls for heat, a fan blows air across the heat-storing bricks to distribute heat throughout the room.

A centrally ducted ETS system can be used as a furnace or can be combined with a heat pump to offer even greater efficiencies and lower operating costs. A hydronic unit may be added to provide radiant floor heating.

For more information on ETS units or other ways to save on your heating bills this winter, contact Jackson Electric Cooperative.

Electric Thermal Storage Units

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