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Electric Youth Tour

If you're a high school junior or senior who participates in Jackson Electric Cooperative's Youth Ambassador Program, then you have an opportunity to represent the cooperative at the Electric Youth Tour held in Washington, D.C. The Tour is held in June each year.

Students have an opportunity to meet with more than 1,500 other youth from the country. This is a chance to:

  • Educate students about the role of electric cooperatives in the national economy.
  • Encourage students' appreciation for the democratic form of government; they have an opportunity to visit with their representatives in the House and the Senate.
  • Expose students to the sights and sounds of our nation's heritage.
  • Build students' leadership skills so that they may make a difference in their communities.

Jackson Electric Cooperative feels it is important to give our students the opportunity to learn about the political process and how electric cooperatives interact with government. Students who apply for this great opportunity are required to complete an application and written essay or video.

To find out more regarding the Electric Youth Tour, go to or contact Jackson Electric Cooperative.

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