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Idle Service

Any service that has been disconnected for a period longer than one year will be classified as abandoned and is considered an Idle Service.

At the discretion of the Cooperative, a letter will be mailed to the property owner that an idle service(s) is located on their property. The property owner is given the option to either keep or remove the idle service. If no response is received, the idle service will be removed as time permits and no further notification will be sent to the property owner.

If an idle service is removed and service is requested in the future at that location, the request will be treated as a new service. All costs associated with a new service installation will be calculated in accordance with the line extension policy in effect at the time of the request.

Idle service fees are $20 per month (residential) or $145 per month (commercial) from the time of the initial disconnect for this service. If a meter is re-installed, the fee will be the standard $1.05 per day facility charge. If payment is not received, the service will be scheduled for removal as time permits and no further notification will be sent.

Residential Idle Service Form
Commercial Idle Service Form

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