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Vegetation Maintenance

A vegetation maintenance program is designed to maintain reliable service to our members. Vegetation maintenance is a contracted service in which all brush and trees, which could potentially come in contact with the electric wires, are removed from the area. The program includes the physical removal of brush and trees and controlling the regrowth with the use of herbicides.

Trees that will reach 25 to 500 feet high at maturity should not be planted within 30 feet of overhead electric lines. Trees that will reach 50 feet or more at maturity should not be planted within 50 feet of overhead electric lines.

Low-growing trees that will not grow taller than 20 feet may be planted closer to overhead power lines. However, Jackson Electric Cooperative asks that you do not plant trees or shrubs close to our poles or any padmount transformer or junction box. Please refrain from planting within 15 feet of all utility lines and equipment.

For more information regarding the safe planting of trees and shrubs around electricity, please view our Residential Planting guide. You may also request this brochure from our office.

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