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Water Heater Program

Jackson Electric Cooperative members are encouraged to participate in the electric water heater program. Members who commit to this program will have the opportunity to receive free parts and service on their water heater during working hours. Qualifications do apply. As part of this program, Jackson Electric Cooperative requires the installation of a load management receiver. This receiver allows our power supplier, Dairyland Power, to manage your water heater during peak periods. All 85- and 100-gallon grid-enabled water heaters are required to have a load management receiver installed. 100-gallon water heaters are available for sale from Jackson Electric. When you purchase a 100-gallon water heater from Jackson Electric Cooperative, you will receive a $300 rebate at the time of purchase. For more information on the water heater program, please contact our office.

Water heater sizes available from Jackson Electric are 50-gallon Rheem and 100-gallon grid-enabled Marathon. Please contact our office for current water heater pricing.

Learn more about cost comparisons with your electric water heater.

Water Heater Program Brochure


100 Gallon Water heater

Tankless Water Heaters
Jackson Electric Cooperative does not recommend the use of whole-house electric tankless water heaters. The energy savings is negligible when comparing a tankless water heater to the high-efficiency water heaters provided through Jackson Electric Cooperative's program. Many homes do not have enough electrical capacity to power a whole-house tankless water heater and they will not work on our load control program.

If you are considering an electric tankless water heater, please contact Jackson Electric Cooperative to discuss your electrical load capacity.

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